Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Wonderful Vacation with my Perfect Husband

My Husband and I had a great 12 day vacation away - a much needed one too!!!  We went to Vancouver, British Columbia to visit my mom.  We also did a little sight seeing too!!!!

This is a picture of my mom and her boyfriend Toby........
 Toby is so good for my mom - he is a cuddler and a protector!!!

We travelled via Ferry from Washington State to Vancouver Island.......

 And saw some wonderful sights!

We had a great time.........

More updates tomorrow - I am way to tired tonight!!!!

I am looking forward to getting organized and getting back into crafting once again - it was so nice to go away and it is even nicer to be home.  Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight!!!!  Not looking forward to starting work tomorrow - could have taken more days off from there!!!  Oh well - got to earn a dollar or two!!!


  1. Nice pictures Shawn! Too bad I wasn't able to see you :(

  2. So glad you are enjoying yourself!!

  3. Vancouver is famous for its outdoor activities, particularly water sports. My husband and I are water sport enthusiasts so Vancouver is one of our frequent vacation destinations. This year, though, we’re looking to shake things up, as we’re going to visit the mountains outside this city to try snow sports. Being the host of the 2010 Winter Games, I’m pretty sure that we won’t be disappointed. Can’t wait for our next visit!