Wednesday, August 31, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things.........

This weeks assignment on the Craft Junkie Too Design team was to show at least five of my favorite things to use while scrapbooking!  Wow - that shouldn't be difficult right?  Wrong - I have way more than five!!!

Here is my sneak peak photograph:

This is just a partial - showing the basic five items I have listed!!!  Can you guess what the items are?

1.  Cricut Expression (I have the Limited Edition E2 and love it!!)
2.  Cricut Gypsy
3.  ATG Gun
4. Creative Memories Personal Cutter (you have to have a great cutter!!  both small and large!)
5. Nikon D40X camera

Now this list does not even come close!  Other essentials.........

6.  HP Laptop (you can search for many ideas via blogs, memberboards ect)
7.  CD Stereo (I have to have music/noise on in the background)
8.  Understanding Husband (if my husband wasn't supportive of my hobby - I wouldn't have this hobby!!)
9.  A sense of humor (you have to be able to laugh - if you don't enjoy yourself it is not worth doing!)

Like I said - the list is endless!!!!

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Have a Great week!!!!!  I have an announcement coming soon on my blog!!  I am bursting to tell everyone!!  Stay tuned!!!  Please don't hesitate to follow my blog!  


  1. I love the husband one, so true! This was a fun challenge, but I needed a wide lens camera, ha ha ha! Love your favorites!

  2. I love your list of favorites!! I think it's so funny as I go around visiting the other dt members I keep saying... "oh, I should have added that too!" hahaha

    Thanks for the glimpse into your crafting space. I can't wait to hear what your news is!! I love the suspense! :)

    Cheryl @

  3. Those are some fabulous favorites!!! TFS

  4. AWESOME stuff Shawn -- thanks so much for sharing your fabulous things with us. :)

  5. So true especially about the husband. And, I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it; what would be the fun in that!